Vashtie is an Afro-Indo Trinidadian American Director, Designer and DJ based in New York City.

What does BE MORE YOU mean to you?

When I was younger, I was bullied for exploring my personal style at a time when being "different" was utterly uncool. While I liked what the other kids around me liked; listening to hiphop, wearing streetwear and obsessing over sneakers - I was also into unpopular things like; skateboarding, listening to hardcore music and thrift shopping. After being misunderstood by my peers, I found myself in a confusing yet exciting alienated state. I realized that if I wasn't going to be accepted for being myself - I had the time and space to go even deeper with self-discovery and self-expression. I truly know that it's the reason why I am here today and how I became who I am. If I had stayed safe with the mainstream, I would never have been allowed the creative freedom to explore and become the artist I am today. "Be More You" truly represents my personal belief of being your true self only and always.

"being your most authentic "being your most authentic

true self as much as possible"true self as much as possible"

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