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Blair Imani is an author, historian, and influencer using her digital platforms to educate about privilege and oppression.

What does BE MORE YOU mean to you?

When someone asks “who are you?” How do you respond? It probably depends on the context, right? I believe we contain multitudes. (Walt Whitman said it) Given the opportunity we might choose to express ourselves in countless different ways.⁣ But have you ever felt pressured to change that answer to fit in? I definitely have.⁣

Today, I’m able to express myself at full volume at all times and people actually like me for it. 😳 I’m slowly letting go of the learned defensiveness that has long prevented me from being open to human connection. Rejection is pretty scary. And opening yourself comes with facing that fear!

I’ve learned that the things I’ve been made fun of for throughout my life ended up being the things that make me the most 💕Me💕⁣

Talking fast? ✅

Random lessons about super specific things? ✅⁣

A preoccupation with explaining things in the most simple manner possible without losing meaning? I mean #SmarterInSeconds!!! ✅ ⁣

For real, Smarties. I used to select obscure books from my middle school library and read limericks out loud unsolicited thinking it would make the ✨popular kids✨ invite me places. It didn’t work 😅 ⁣

And while those ✨popular kids✨ never invited me anywhere, the tea is that most of them follow me on Instagram. So, who won? I did. Obviously. But not for the petty reasons! It’s because I’m at a place now where I’m genuinely liked for who I am and what I enjoy doing. And I much prefer being secure in myself to the constant stress of seeking external validation. It turns out a whole heck of a lot of people like me just the way I am.⁣

Of course, there’s moments of self doubt, too. But at the end of the day life’s journey means being more you. ⁣

We contain multitudes. We have the power to grow and learn and adapt to unfathomable situations. Adorn yourself in ways YOU choose. Shout YOUR truth. Learn new things. Grow. Change (but on your terms and for the right reasons!) Be the person that would make your child self proud. ⁣

Be more you.

"Everyday I have the blessing of "Everyday I have the blessing of

being myself and expressing that..."being myself and expressing that..."

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