Alex Thomas

My name is Alexandra, I'm a plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger who's passionate about fearlessly spreading self-love.

What does BE MORE YOU mean to you?

Being "me" felt so hard when I was younger...and I am so eternally grateful that now I am able to freely stay true to myself & love who I am. When I was young, I didn't feel good enough, thin enough, pretty enough. I constantly compared myself to others and wished I was more like them, and less like me. I remember being in middle school and wishing I could go shop where the popular kids could, but they didn't carry my size. I remember being mocked in fifth grade as a boy sang a song about me being "a fatty".

Sometimes that little song still sounds in my head, to this day. The difference now from 15 years ago, I laugh instead of cry. I let it go. Over the years, I've taken so many steps to let go of the fear of judgement, the fear of not being "enough", worrying about others' opinions of me. There comes a time in your life where you really need to recognize - “Hey, I'm all I got, I'm enough, I am worthy.” Life is too short to not love yourself, so I decided to make the change. It wasn't easy, but small step by step, I started wearing outfits I wanted to wear, trying out new trends, wearing something outside of my comfort zone. In time, I became exactly who I was meant to be - fearlessly me.

"You deserve to be "You deserve to be

your authentic self!"your authentic self!"

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