Lua P.

Lua is a Peruvian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger who lives in NYC.

"stay true to yourself and"stay true to yourself and

unique by your differencesunique by your differences"

What does BE MORE YOU mean to you?

For me “Be More You” means to stay true to your essence and who you truly are without worrying about judgement and what others could think. It’s embracing what makes you unique and what makes you stand out from the rest. It’s celebrating our differences and being empowered by that. I’ve always struggled because I’m very insecure. I’m very anxious and compare myself to others more often than not. But I overcome that because I want to stay true to who I am: being true to myself and loving myself is what made me grow and get to where I am now. Trusting my instincts and ignoring others' judgements is what paved the way to my dreams. You are more important. And that's why I love Pagoda’s motto and the idea behind the Be More You squad. It gives me confidence and reminds me of my roots and to never ignore that intuition and always believe in myself and be myself! Be More You is such a powerful concept to live by.

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