Giovanni Ferrer

Giovanni Ferrer is a 25-year-old content creator whose extraordinary curls and undeniable street style have taken social media by storm.

What does BE MORE YOU mean to you?

If I'm honest, I would say I didn't really start embracing myself until I was 18. Maybe if social media played a huge role then as it does now, I would have come out of my shell much sooner. Growing up, having long hair as a guy was tough. I would constantly get picked on, get called names, etc... My way to adapt? Having my mom style my hair in a more masculine way, like cornrows or braids. It always sucked because I would sit in a chair for about 4 hours while my mom did my hair, knowing I always wanted to do it myself and wear it out. It literally took me into after high school to actually get the courage to start wearing my hair out. I eventually bought a camera and started filming myself doing my hair. In a sense, it was like therapy. Therapy I never knew I needed. It was like I was holding something in that I never wanted to come out because I was afraid to be judged, to be different. I loved fashion and cooking, activities my friends didn't really care about, hence why Youtube became my outlet. I realized I was waking up every day more focused on what society thought about me, rather than what I thought about myself. You would think, If I cared so much about what others think, why Youtube? In my eyes, at first, I just saw myself talking to a camera. Fast forward to 3 months later, after picking up that camera, and I've already accumulated 100k subscribers. Society hit me even harder than when I was in high school, but something was different this time. I felt like behind all those rude, mean, disrespectful comments were an army of supporting, loving, and encouraging comments. I hated that it took me 19 years to realize how important self expression truly is. The sense of relief and freedom you have waking up with no set expectations but your own is indescribable. That's why I try my hardest to encourage every young boy and girl to start self expressing NOW! BE MORE YOU! It's The Key to Real Happiness!

"I’m More Me every day "I’m More Me every day

I wake up unapologetic."I wake up unapologetic."

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