Children's Ear Piercings

You're never too young to express yourself! At Piercing Pagoda, we're delighted to offer FREE children's ear piercing with the purchase of piercing earrings from our extensive assortment.

Our professional ear piercing service is tailored for babies and children two months or older who have received their first DPT inoculation and are accompanied by an identified parent or legal guardian.

If your child becomes upset or unsettled, there's no need to worry—we will postpone the ear piercing immediately. You will be asked to consider returning when your child is able to comfortably continue with the ear-piercing procedure.

To alleviate anxiety at the time of piercing for all children who are two months and up, we are able to pierce both ears at once. Please call your local store to schedule an appointment when two piercing professionals are available.

Children and Baby Ear Piercing FAQ

It's understandable that parents have many questions when it comes to children's ear piercing and baby ear piercing. With more than 50 years of experience, our piercing professionals have seen and done it all. In fact, we've perfected a child-friendly ear piercing technique that is both quick and gentle, and we're happy to address any concerns you may have about having your child's ears pierced. Let's take a look at some of the most common questions from parents.

In order to make the piercing process as comfortable as possible, many of our locations offer the option to have both ears pierced at the same time. However, some infants may need to have their ears pierced one at a time if they're not able to hold their head still for an accurate piercing of both ears.

Your child should be at least two months old to have his or her ears pierced at Piercing Pagoda.

Because very small children are still developing their immune systems, piercing aftercare becomes even more important for babies and children. After piercing, take extra care with your child when changing clothes and brushing hair. A hairband or ponytail might be a good idea, as well as avoiding hairspray, shampoo, perfumes, and other products for a short time.

We also recommend avoiding lake or ocean swimming in the first two weeks (which may contain unknown bacteria) as well as sports in which a helmet may rub against the ear, such as softball or horseback riding. Some parents put small band aids over earrings during sports, at least for the first few months.

You may want to ask your doctor for a mild topical numbing cream to help anesthetize the earlobes. Applying ice 15 to 30 minutes before the piercing might also help to numb the pain receptors (but might be uncomfortable in itself!). Even with these measures, your child should expect at least a little pain—similar to getting an injection. Reassure your child by emphasizing that it's a quick procedure and that deep breaths will help.

For earlobe piercing, pain, redness, or swelling that lasts longer than 24 hours could indicate a possible allergy or infection. Consult your doctor, who may prescribe a course of antibiotics for the latter.

If redness or swelling continues for more than 24 hours after a cartilage piercing, you should immediately remove the earring, continue to cleanse the ear, and consult your doctor.

Our piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and individually sterilized to keep your baby's ear safe during the healing process.

Three Simple Steps

  • A Gentle Procedure

    The care of your infant's pierced ears is very important to us here at Piercing Pagoda. Our cleaning solution is designed specifically for pierced ears and is extremely gentle.
  • Settling In

    The piercing earrings should remain in your infant's ears at all times for 4-6 weeks. After that, wearing earrings continuously is required for the first six months to prevent the piercing closing.
  • A New Chapter!

    Return for a follow–up visit after four weeks or any time you have a question or concern. When your child's ears have healed, we will offer appropriate selections for their earring collection—and the real excitement begins!
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