Children's Ear Piercing

Many parents opt for having their children's ears pierced at a young age. Piercing Pagoda offers professional ear piercing service for children two months and older who have received their first DPT inoculation and are accompanied by an identified parent or legal guardian. If your child becomes upset or unsettled, we will postpone the ear piercing immediately. You will be asked to consider returning when your child is able to comfortably continue with the ear piercing procedure.

To alleviate anxiety at the time of piercing for all children who are two months and up, we are able to pierce both ears at once. Please call your local store to schedule an appointment when two piercing professionals are available.

Piercing Earrings

Our piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and individually sterilized to keep your baby's ear safe during the healing process.

Infant Ear Care and Cleaning

The care of your infant's pierced ears is very important to us here at Piercing Pagoda. Our ear care is designed specifically for pierced ears and is extremely gentle. The piercing earrings should remain in your infant's ears at all times 4-6 weeks. Wearing earrings continuously is required for the first 6 months after the piercing to prevent the piercing closing. Please follow our instructions for care and cleaning. Return for a follow-up visit after 4 weeks or any time you have a question or concern. When your child's ears have properly healed, we will be happy to offer appropriate selections for their earrings wardrobe.

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