Ear Piercing Aftercare, Cleaning, and Safety

A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to caring for a new ear piercing. With proper ear piercing care on the front end, your pierced ears will give you a lifetime of satisfaction along with endless opportunities for self-expression with new styles of feminine and fierce pierced earrings!

There are many types of piercings you can get at Pagoda. When it comes to ear piercing specifically, there are proper instructions for piercing aftercare, cleaning and safety. Here's how to take care of newly pierced ears from day one.

Care and Cleaning Instructions

  • Step 1: Wash

    Always wash your hands prior to touching your pierced ears.
  • Step 2: Cleanse

    Cleanse the piercing twice daily, especially after shampooing, swimming, and exercising. Soak for five minutes in a sea salt solution or use a saline piercing recovery spray.
  • Step 3: Swab

    Use a clean cotton swab to apply our specially formulated ear care solution. Gently push the earring forward and back and swab between your ear and the earring.
  • Step 4: Rotate

    Rotate the earring twice daily to prevent it from adhering to your ear. Twist the earring in both directions for a few minutes each time.
  • Step 5: Check

    With clean hands, do a quick daily check to ensure that earring backs are still securely in place.
  • Step 6: Come see us!

    Return for a free follow-up visit in four weeks or sooner if you have questions or concerns.

Piercing Aftercare Don’ts

  • Don't be rough with your piercing. Be careful when brushing your hair or working out. You don't want to accidentally rip out your new piercing (ouch!).
  • Don't use soap. Regular soap can be harmful to your new piercing. It can dry out the skin and make you susceptible to developing an infection. It's okay if suds run over your piercing in the shower—just make sure to rinse and clean the area afterward.
  • Avoid things that thin your blood. This obviously includes some medications, but you may be taking blood thinners without realizing it. Alcohol, aspirin and too much caffeine can work as a blood thinner. Your new piercing hole may start bleeding if your blood is too thin.
  • Don't touch the piercing too much. It may be tempting to play with your new piercing, but bacteria is everywhere, so try to avoid touching your ear piercing. This means you should avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and other community water locations.
  • Avoid cigarettes and smoke. Cigarette smoke can slow down the healing process.
  • Don't take out your earrings too soon. It's so tempting to want to change out your piercing for a new piece of jewelry. Resist the urge and wait!

How Long Does it Take for a Piercing to Heal?

It is important to keep your earrings in for a certain amount of time after your first piercing. After piercing, do not remove earrings before the specified time:

Earlobe piercing: 4 to 6 weeks or 3 to 6 weeks with 2 in 1 Piercing Advanced Aftercare & Cleanser

Cartilage piercing: 8 to 12 weeks

Potential Piercing Problems

Proper daily aftercare with Ear Care or H2Ocean should prevent irritation. However, pain, redness, or swelling that exist more than 24 hours after the piercing is not a normal result of ear piercing. In fact, persistent or recurrent redness or swelling may indicate that your body may not tolerate a foreign object in the skin. You may be unable to wear pierced earrings. Consult a physician.

  • Earlobe:

    In many cases, reviewing and observing proper aftercare procedures will clear up any irritation in the earlobe.
  • Cartilage:

    If redness or swelling in a cartilage piercing exists more than 24 hours after the piercing, immediately remove the earring, continue to cleanse the ear, and consult a physician.

Ear Piercing Professionals

At Pagoda, we are your ear piercing professionals. We have seen it all, and we can help you with just about any question you have. We have more specifics on body jewelry care—and rest assured that you can always stop by a Pagoda near you.

Now that we have covered the basics of pierced ear care, we know you are excited about your new piercing! Go ahead and start checking out our huge selection of earrings. From hoops to studs and every type of design in between, we have the styles you love!

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