About Be More You SquadAbout Be More You Squad

We pulled together an incredible collective of creators who are unapologetically themselves.

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"Embracing and loving all aspects"Embracing and loving all aspects

of yourself, and celebrating yourof yourself, and celebrating your


Kat Graham is a critically-acclaimed actress, music artist, and producer.

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Meet the rest of our squad


Giovanni Ferrer

Giovanni Ferrer is a 25-year-old content creator whose extraordinary curls and undeniable street style have taken social media by storm.


Lua P.

Lua is a Peruvian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger who lives in NYC.


Alex Thomas

My name is Alexandra, I'm a plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger who's passionate about fearlessly spreading self-love.


Blair Imani

Blair Imani is an author, historian, and influencer using her digital platforms to educate about privilege and oppression.



Vashtie is an Afro-Indo Trinidadian American Director, Designer and DJ based in New York City.

Congratulations to our winners


Ja’Nell Hal-Ragin 

Dear Love,  Many have worn you,  But on me,  You create magic.  Bold and daring,  You add a spark.  Accentuate my fashion,  My words full of passion,  You are the complete package. 


Kara Pereira 

To me, Be More You means understanding the fact that I’m a wonderful, work in progress and I may always be just that. The truth is, I’m still learning about myself and what it means to be me.


Leeah Sierra Jackson

In this life we get to live life through many different versions of ourselves.  But only when we're being our true self is when we see our best version. 


Shannon Jenkins 

The Be More You contest means to embrace yourself and love everything that makes you...YOU! It’s about loving every aspect of your mind, body, and soul. Personally for me, I've had the pleasure of  focusing on myself and learning to truly love myself.

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