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Body Jewelry

Every body deserves a little icing. ®

Measuring Body Jewelry

  • Gauge (G) refers to the thickness of the body jewelry. Length (L) refers to the length of the shaft or the inside between the balls. For captive bead rings and circular barbells or horseshoes, length refers to the inside diameter.

Common Piercings and Types of Jewelry

  • Belly Button: curved or twist barbells and captive bead rings
  • Ear Cartilage: captive bead rings, circular and micro barbells
  • Ear Tragus: captive bead rings and circular barbells
  • Earlobe: studs, captive bead rings, circular barbells and plugs
  • Eyebrow: curved barbells, twist barbells and captive bead rings
  • Industrial Ear: straight barbells and captive bead rings
  • Labret: labrets
  • Lip: captive bead rings and labret studs
  • Nipple: captive bead rings, circular and straight barbells
  • Nose: nose bones, screws, pins, l-bends and captive bead rings
  • Prince Albert: captive bead rings, circular and curved barbells
  • Septum: septum retainers, captive bead rings and circular barbells
  • Tongue: straight barbells

Body Jewelry Glossary

Standard piercing jewelry with a rod that goes through the piercing and a ball at either end holds the bar in place. Most commonly used for the tongue.
Belly Button Ring
Also called a navel ring, this piercing is usually a curved barbell that goes through the flesh at the top of the belly button and comes out the actual belly opening.
Our Biopierce body jewelry products are non-allergenic and provide a fast healing process. The material is certified bio-compatible for safe and protected piercings.
Captive Bead Rings (CBR)
A popular style of ring, the bead does not attach at either end. Instead it is held in place by tension from both sides of the ring. The bead can be removed and inserted by releasing the tension on the bead. A CBR can be used for most piercing locations.
Curved Barbell
A barbell slightly curved but not as much as a circular. It is usually used for eyebrow piercing or belly button piercing. Some people call this a bent barbell
This is a curved barbell that makes an incomplete circle with a small gap and balls at either end. Worn in the same locations as the CBR.
Industrial Barbell
A piercing of the ear where the barbell goes through more than one area of the ear, such as through two different areas of the ear rim.
A common name for the piercing of the center, lower lip or the jewelry that goes there. When referring to the jewelry itself, the labret is a barbell with a ball or decorative piece on one end and a flattened piece on the other so that it fits comfortably between the insides of the lip and the lower or upper gum.
Nose Stud
A straight or curved bar with only one ball on the outer end that is to be inserted into a side nostril piercing.
A tube that is placed in a stretched piercing, most commonly the earlobe. Sometimes referred to as a tube or tunnel.
A piercing of jewelry made of nylon or acrylic, usually clear, designed to keep a piercing open but nearly invisible, Often worn when you wish a piercing to go unnoticed.
A rod, usually of stainless steel, that is larger at one end than the other and is used to stretch the opening of a piercing. These are available in gauges depending on the size of the hole desired. You put the smaller end through your stretched earlobe and gradually ease the taper through until the larger end has stretched the opening to the desired size.

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